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幼兒生命教育繪本導讀-愛要及時,最重要的事Life Education Picture Book Guide

幼兒生命教育繪本導讀-愛要及時,最重要的事 ◆日期:2020年10月17(星期六) ◆時間:早上10:00-11:30 ◆地點:樂暢親子共學空間(近臺北車站、中山站) ◆建議年齡:2Y+


阿樂滿三歲後不斷問媽媽,人死了以後會去哪裡?什麼時候會死?我想跟妳一起死!不然就只剩我一個人了… 我們死後還會再見面嗎?死了以後妳怎麼找我?妳會打電話給我嗎?上天堂後我們就不必再死了吧? 如何與幼兒談論生與死?「世界安寧日」訂在每年10月第2個星期六, 這次活動特別邀請蔡惠芳諮商心理師透過熱銷繪本一同討論生與死, 歡迎與祖父母一起參加,享受高品質的親子時光!

★講師蔡惠芳經歷: .諮商心理師 .社會工作師 .醫務專科社會工作師 .台灣心理腫瘤醫學學會理事 .台灣癌症基金會專家顧問 .漸凍人協會專家顧問 .台灣安寧照顧基金會專案專家 .台灣安寧緩和醫學學會專科醫師訓練課程講師 .台灣安寧照顧協會安寧心理師訓練課程講師 .台灣安寧照顧協會安寧社工師訓練課程講師

◆活動費用: 每組590元(一大一小) *額外加人390元/人(6個月以下不另收費) 報名方式: 請先私訊確認名額後,兩日內匯款,於匯款完成後填寫此表單,以利保留名額。

Responding to the special event of World Peace Day, come and enjoy high-quality parent-child time together!

How to discuss life and death with young children?

After Ale turned three years old, he kept asking his mother, where will people go when they die? When will they die? I want to die with you! Otherwise, I will be the only one left behind...

Will we meet again after we die? How will you find me after we die? Will you call me?

We don't have to die after going to heaven, right?

Have you ever been asked any similar question by your child?

Let's listen to what other people have to say?

Topic: Life Education Picture Book Guide – Grandad’s Island

Time: October 17, 2020 (Sat) 10:00~12:00

Location: Lesecond Floor Kids Studio

Target: 2~6 years old parent and child

Cost: NT590 per group (one adult and one child)

Additional person NT390 per person

(no extra charge for children under 6 months)

World Peace Day was officially promoted by Help the Hospices in the United Kingdom in 2005. There are more than 500 countries around the world. "World Peace Day" is set on the second Saturday of October every year by the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance. Different themes have been set, and countries and regions that call for the development of tranquility care around the world will convey to all walks of life their wishes and persistence for tranquility care and well-being through advocacy activities of any form and scale.

In fact, the whole month of October is the month of peace. This year World Peace Day coincides with the National Day holiday. On the third weekend, Le Second Floor Kids Studio invites you and your children to discuss life and death through picture books in our event. Grandparents are welcome to join us!


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