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樂暢空間工作室職缺公告 職稱: 熱愛在地文化的店長 名額: 1名

如果 妳不喜歡一成不變, 喜歡跟外國同事一起共事, 喜歡結交新朋友,喜歡嘗試新鮮事物, 成為我們的夥伴吧!!

薪資: 試用期過後,經考核調整至28,000元 後經工作情形再調整。 工作時間:一例一休,排班制, 工作室營業時間週一至週日08:30-21:00。

工作內容: 日常環境維護 協助場勘客戶預約時間及導覽 協助登錄基本零用金帳 準備教材 協助管理官網,官方line及粉絲專頁.回應及發佈訊息等 企劃活動、執行企劃 具有影像輸出,印刷概念 熟悉Canva或影音剪輯軟體尤佳 現場備置飲料 其他現場臨時所需支援 擅於多工工作,具有高度整合能力, 能夠獨立作業具與抗壓性,性情穩定, 能夠管理調度兼職人員

本工作室為合法親子友善出租空間, 提供基本勞健保,三節獎金,員工訓練。

#歡迎對孩童有愛心,熱愛本土文化, 具獨立作業精神,追求穩定之工作人員。 #具英語、華、臺語能力尤佳

-hiáu Tâi-bûn u ka-hun


Le Second Rental Space Studio Job Announcement Job Title: Store Manager (who loves local culture) Quota: 1

If you like to work in multicultural work place and like to make a new friends, also willing to learn new things, Join us!

Salary: Will be adjusted to 28,000 NTD after It will be adjusted based on work performance.

Working hours: 5 working days with 1 day fixed day off and 1 flexible day off. The Studio open hours are 08.30 – 21.00 Monday to Sunday.

Job Description:  Daily studio maintenance.  Assist site survey customers to make appointment and guidance.  Assist in logging in to the basic petty account.  Prepare teaching materials.  Assist in Managing the official website, official line and facebook page (Respond and post messages, etc).  Planning activities and execution plans.  Basic design editing skills.  Familiar with canva and video editing software is a plus.  Preparing beverage on site.  Support the running event.  Good at multi-tasking, with a high degree of integration ability, Able to work

independently with pressure resistance, stable temperament, Able to manage and dispatch part-time staff

This studio is a legal parent-child friendly rental space, Provide basic labor and health insurance, three bonuses, and employee training. Please attach your resume

Le Second Floor Kids Studio 2nd Floor, No. 5, Alley 4, Lane 78, Chang'an West Road, Datong District, Taipei City.

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