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T.I.E English for kids情境式英語戲劇暢遊

T.I.E English for kids情境式英語戲劇暢遊

邀請2.5Y~6Y的小朋友一起開心Fun暑假, 邊玩戲劇,邊學英語! 從玩樂中學習,最有效吸收!

師資介紹 劉小麥 台灣藝術大學戲劇教育碩士 R&J表演藝術坊 創辦人& 戲劇訓練師 前屏風表演班藝術總監助理 前三立電視台導演助理

🌟We invite you to join our Full Course! 🌟

T.I.E English for kids

Exclusive summer course! One-time only!

Suggested age: 2.5Y~6Y children to have fun together on Fun summer vacation

Learn English while playing drama!

Learn by playing and absorb it most effectively!


Mini class 3-6 years old

Every Tuesday 14:30-16:30 (8/11, 8/18, 8/25)

Every Friday 14:30-16:30 (8/14, 8/21, 8/28)

Kids class 7-10 years old

Every Saturday 14:30-16:30 (8/15, 8/22, 8/29)

Venue: Le Second Floor Kids Studio

2nd Floor, No. 5, Alley 4, Lane 78, Changan West Road, Datong District, Taipei City

Please confirm the Activity fee transfer by private message before proceeding with the registration and fill out this form after the remittance is completed.)

➡️Faculty introduction

Master of Drama Education, Taiwan University of the Arts

R&J Performing Arts Workshop Founder & Drama Trainer

Assistant Art Director, Former Screen Performance Class

Former Assistant Director of Sanli Television

🔆Limited availability. You are welcome to inquire! 🔆

Line: @lesecondfloor


Registration mail:

Le Second Floor Kids Studio

👉August official course

👤Single student registration, three lessons, price is NT5400/ person

👥Two students’ registration, three lessons, special price NT3600/ person

🔆 If you join our demo class on 7/10, and full course starting on on 8/11, we will reimburse you NT500


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