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關心臺灣文化的你, 對於蘭陽平原的傳說"葛瑪蘭公主"一定不陌生, 最受歡迎的小月老師x泡泡老師帶大家一起 聽故事,裝飾你專屬的卡林巴琴,真是太可愛了! 最重要的是 #本檔合作店家唯一臺語場次 有臺語跟華語,任君挑選!趕快報名起來!

葛瑪蘭公主-海洋之音 Ka-ma-lán kong-tsú~Hái-iûnn tsi im

主題故事: 在悠遊美麗的海洋裡, 有著一位相信萬物皆平等、自由的美麗公主, 與她嚴肅的父親-東海龍王...... 這是一段流傳已久的神話故事, 結合臺灣宜蘭在地文化,改編自葛瑪蘭公主~

主題遊戲: 前往海底世界,一起拼湊破碎的樂譜, 尋找出葛瑪蘭公主最喜歡的旋律

DIY手作:手作拇指琴, 以蝶古巴特的方式來佈置專屬自己的作品!

報名費用:400元/位(含材料與教學費用) 成品尺寸:約10x12x16x4cm

◆8人成班,12人滿班 ◆年齡:建議3歲以上 (如孩童年齡較小,家長需給予更多協助與陪伴) ◆活動費用:一大一小400元/場;第二位參加者加收100元/場;六個月以下不收費。 ◆時間:4/10(六)10:00~11:30 臺語場; 13:30~15:00 華語場 ◆地點:樂暢親子共學空間(近臺北車站、中山站)

報名方式: 請先私訊確認名額後,兩日內匯款,於匯款完成後填寫匯款回覆單,以利保留名額。

★ 名額有限 歡迎洽詢!★

Line:@lesecondfloor Register 別忘了到樂暢的粉專按讚支持 Le Second Floor Kids Studio 樂暢親子共學空間

You who care about Taiwanese culture, You must be no stranger to the legend "Princess Kavalan" The most loved teachers Xiaoyue x Teacher Bubble brings everyone together! Listen to the story and decorate your exclusive Kalimba, it will be super cute! Most importantly #TheonlyTaiwaneseSpeakingSessionwePartneredupwith We will be offering both Taiwanese and Mandarin, so you can choose! Hurry and sign up! Princess Kavalan-The Sound of the Ocean Ka-ma-lán kong-tsú~Hái-iûnn tsi im Themed story: In the beautiful ocean, there is a beautiful princess who believes that all things are equal and free, but her serious father, the Dragon King of East China Sea... This is a myth that has been circulating for a long time, Combined with the local culture of Yilan, Taiwan, adapted from Princess Kavalan~ Themed games: Go to the underwater world and piece together broken music scores, Find out Princess Kavalan’s favorite melody DIY hand-made: hand-made Kalimba, Arrange your own works in the way of Decoupage! Registration fee: 400 NT/person (including materials and teaching fees) Finished product size: about 10x12x16x4cm ◆8 people in a class, 12 people in a full class ◆Age: 3 and up recommended (If the child is young, the parents need to provide more assistance and company) ◆Activity fee: 400 NT per show for 1 adult and 1 child; an additional 100 NT per show for the second participant; no charge for children less than six months old. ◆Time: 4/10 (Saturday) 10:00~11:30 Taiwanese session; 13:30~15:00 Mandarin ◆Venue: Le Second Floor Kids Studio (near Taipei Main Station, Zhongshan Station) Registration method: Please send the remittance within two days after confirming the quota by private message, and fill in the remittance reply form after the remittance is completed in order to reserve the quota. ★ The quota is limited, please contact us! ★ #LeSecondFloorKidsStudioXxiaoyue teacherxTeacherBubble #Interaction #Parentchildactivities #Quicklysharewithallyourfriends #Kalimba #ChildrenActivities #Handmade #DIY #PrincessKavalanAdaptationStory #Mothertongue #legalrentalspace #welcometositevisit Line: @lesecondfloor


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