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ELF THEMED CHRISTMAS PARTY(Private Party)小精靈聖誕主題聖誕派對(私人派對不對外開放報名)

聖誕節又要到啦! 針對特定對象的私人派對將邀請7位小朋友一起來交換禮物,一起做烘焙、唱歌、玩遊戲、聽故事、吃披薩,我們還為辛苦的家長們準備了美酒招待! 每位小朋友900,二寶550. 名額有限,請先私訊詢問. 謝謝.

Christmas is coming again! In this private party, 8 children will exchange gifts, make "Grissini Magic wand", we have singing time, play time, story time, and eat pizza together. We also prepare some wine for the hardworking parents! Limited for 8 children, please send a private message for us. Thank you.

NTD 900/per child NTD 550/for Second child


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