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🎉 🎉 🎉Fun暑假親子手作甜筒派對/ Fun Summer Holiday Parent-child Hand-made Ice Cream Cone Party🎉 🎉 🎉

日期:8/23(日) 時間:10:00-12:00 建議年齡:3Y+ 地點:樂暢親子共學空間

特色: 地點近臺北車站、中山站。 甜筒使用法國🇫🇷鐵塔奶油、 臺灣小農鮮乳坊許慶良鮮奶、 天然香草莢、日本九州鑽石麵粉。 冰淇淋使用天母名店On The Road. 真心用好料!專治不吃冰! 課程內容: 親子一起製作甜筒,角色扮演賣冰淇淋! 最後一起開心的把冰淇淋吃掉!! 還有神秘大來賓,敬請期待! 活動費用: 每人690元(一大一小) 包含甜筒DIY 迷你甜筒2支/人、冰淇淋2球/人 *額外加人390元/人(6個月以下不另收費) 👉報名方式 請先私訊確認名額後,再進行匯款,於匯款完成後填寫此表單。

🎉 🎉 🎉 Fun Summer Holiday Parent-child Hand-made Ice Cream Cone Party🎉 🎉 🎉

Date: 8/23 (Sun)

Time: 10:00-12:00

Suggested age: 3Y+

Location: Le Second Floor kids Studio


The location is near Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan Station.

We will be baking French cones!

This includes:

Pure Milk Fresh Milk

Natural vanilla pods, Japanese Kyushu diamond flour.

And the ice cream we will be having is from "on The Road" store in Tianmu

Only High-quality gourmet ingredients! No ice!

Course content:

Parents and children will bake cones together, role-play and sell ice cream!

Finally, eat the ice cream together happily!!!

We will also have mysterious guests, so stay tuned!

Activity fees:

690NT per person (one adult and one child)

Includes 2 cones DIY mini cones/person, each with two ice cream scoops

*Additional person is 390NT/person (no extra charge for under 6 months)

👉How to sign up

Please send a private message to confirm the quota before making the remittance, and fill out this form after the remittance is completed.


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