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<Lo̍k Kóng Tâi-gí > Reading and Writing Taiwanese for Parents

<Lo̍k Kóng Tâi-gí > Reading and Writing Taiwanese for Parents


Taking care of children is hard!

When you’re reading classic Taiwanese picture books with the children, can you read them without the help of the audio recordings?

In the spirit of loving Taiwan, loving Taipei, and caring for all children, we invite the experienced Li Kang Khioh Language and Education Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Tân Hong-hūi to teach everyone to read and write Taiwanese. Parents with little listening and speaking ability and free during the day are welcome to join us! We provide a friendly and comfortable environment for both parents and children. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

◆Course Outline (18 classes in total):

Session 1: Definition of Taiwanese characters and basic words & introduction of Internet resources.

Session 2: Explanation of Taiwanese lô-má-jī rules.

Session 3: Common Taiwanese hàn-jī characters practice.

Session 4: Taiwanese dialect and an introduction of idioms & slangs.

Session 5: Reading of Taiwanese literature.

Session 6: Basic Taiwanese writing practice.

The outline is for reference only. The course content can be adjusted depending on the actual teaching conditions.

◆Dates (Tuesdays):

Session 1: December 29, 2020, January 05, 2021, January 12, 2021

Session 2: January 26, 2021, February 02, 2021, February 09, 2021

Session 3: February 23, 2021, March 02, 2021, March 09, 2021

Session 4: March 23, 2021, March 30, 2021, April 06, 2021

Session 5: April 20, 2021, April 27, 2021, May 04, 2021

Session 6: May 18, 2021, May 25, 2021, June 08, 2021

◆Time: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

◆Location: Le Second Floor Kids Studio

◆Features: Special invitation to cultivate the culture of our mother tongue with nearly 30 years

Ms. Tân Hong-hūi, the CEO of Li Kang Khioh Language and Education Foundation, says that the content of each class is different, so writing your homework is important . After the 18 classes, we promise you will be proficient in Taiwanese reading and writing skills.

Please note that this course is designed for adults and to maintain the quality, it is not recommended to bring children to the courses.

If you are unable to find a caregiver, you can still bring your children with you. We understand that bringing children to places is a part of parenting life.

Let’s learn Taiwanese together and pass down our mother tongue to the next generation!

If you want to learn well, don’t forget to do your homework.

◆Course Cost:

1200 NTD per person per session (3 classes for each session – 2 hours each class or 6 hours in total per session)

Special price: 7000 NTD for all 6 sessions (18 classes in total)

Teaching materials are not included. Those who have the same textbook can use their own. You can pay cash to buy the textbook when the course starts.


Please send a private message via Facebook to reserve your seat. In order to reserve your seat, payment must be made within 2 days, then fill in the consent forms (payment, personal information and photo) after the payment is completed.

◆About the lecturer:

Ms. Tân Hong-hūi, Master Degree of Taiwanese Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University. She has devoted herself to the revival of Taiwan’s mother tongue since 1992. Served as a Taiwanese language instructor for film and television dramas. She is also an adjunct lecturer of Taiwanese courses at National Taiwan University.


All fees are fixed. Full refunds can be made in 14 days before the courses start. No refunds are possible when the course begins.

★ Seats are limited, please contact us as soon as possible! ★

lo̍k Kóng Tâi-gí Thiòng iû sè-kài

Line: @lesecondfloor

Instagram: @lesecondfloor


Le Second Floor Kids Studio


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