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Parent-Child Drawing Ontology Fitness


🌼課程:親子繪本體能 🌼時間:每週二 🌼時段:10:00-11:00 🌼日期:5/5 、5/12 、5/19 、5/26、 6/2 、6/9 、6/16 、6/23 、6/30 🌼地點:台北車站R1出口(廂型電梯3分鐘) 🌼費用:250/堂

📣有同理心很重要 📣照顧自己很重要 📣防疫措施很重要 📣學習運動很重要

老話重提:如有疑慮不要勉強! 🦟因為蚊子會一直都在!🤣🤣

❤️一次報名最少2堂。 ❤️6人開班8人滿班名。 ❤️每日消毒做好做🈵️。 ❤️勤洗手多運動開心玩快樂學


Course name : Parent-Child Drawing Ontology Fitness Suggested age: 2Y-6Y Register Mail: Register Tel: 0955727503

Through the physical creative activities between parents and children, children ’s awareness of life can be established, the strangeness of the external environment can be eliminated, and the interest in learning can be stimulated to prepare for classes or kindergartens in the future. The parent-child music physical fitness class uses 1 parent and 1 child to have fun and interactive units. In the course, with nearly a hundred kinds of professional equipment, fresh and fun story games, easy and stress-free exercise, cultivate children's sense of rhythm. Through the process of "playing", children's physical fitness, sensory integration, creativity, adventure, stress resistance, active learning, teamwork, problem solving, interpersonal communication, language expression and other "top ten functions" can be increased. Children's "Basic Eight Ability of the Body", such as coordination, agility, dexterity, muscular endurance, explosiveness, sense of balance, sense of space, cardiopulmonary function, let children play a big future.

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